Named Best Film of Hot Docs 2021 by Toronto Film Critique Association
Any Given Day invites comparison to Hoop Dreams and Time — films with very different subjects, which benefit from the filmmakers’ impulse to ask tough questions that hold society to higher standards.”
“This is one of the most moving testaments to human resilience that I’ve ever seen. The very existence of the film is an act of bravery.”
“This film is an example of the magic that happens when the camera keeps rolling, offering an unfiltered view of reality, and sticking with a subject for the long haul. It’s a deeply empathetic documentary.”
“Raw, honest, unsettling and empathic.”
“It’s the first-person perspective from someone living with mental illness that makes Any Given Day feel unique in the sea of documentaries made on the subject, and it offers an engaging glimpse into the experience of living with mental illness and addiction.”
Any Given Day is affirmation that these journeys are being taken every single day. It is this exact mirror where comprehension and healing begins.”
– Taylor Beaumont, For Reel Movies
“A testament to the trust that nonfiction filmmakers develop with their subjects. There’s barely a dividing line separating this director from her subjects. They are in this project together.”